Kids Space Center

The Kids Space Center is a one-of-a-kind learning environment where students discover new worlds beyond their own. Engineering, math, literacy and social studies are infused through every hands-on, collaborative activity. From digital microscopes and infared thermometers to drones and VR goggles, there is always something new for students to experience, including:

  • Mission Control - Students use simulations and online resources to explore the International Space Station, model the motion of our solar system, and manipulate forces to observe their impacts among other experiences.

  • Expermiment Bays - Students conduct a variety of hands on experiments related to hydroponics, gravity, and the Sun's energy. Also in this area, students are immersed in a flight simulator as they test their skills as a space pilot.

  • Planetscape - Students can explore a model of the surgace of the moon or Mars to test their ideas on how craters are formed or how space rocks are sorted. Addiotionall, students test their ability to pilot a Moon Lander safely.

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