Our Mission

The mission of Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School is to empower students to excel in a world of math, science, and technology through local and global collaboration in a nurturing and challenging environment.

Mrs. Mulholland
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Mrs. Houle 
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Assistant Principal

Mrs. Benninghove
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School Administration Manager (SAM)

Goldsboro's Staff

Welcome, as you move through the entire Goldsboro site and information found here, our hope is that you can feel the excitement that is part of our everyday world. Each day we explore the Earth and we discover the impact that we, as humans, have on our planet. As we study our Math, Science and Language Arts, we become more and more aware of our place on the Earth and how important it is that we care for this planet in a very special way.

  Our children are encouraged, through an integrated, hands-on curriculum rich with technology, to solve problems and to think critically. They are taught to use all of the tools available to them to determine multiple solutions to questions. They are, after all, the citizens of tomorrow’s world. We will leave our Earth to their care.

  As staff members at this incredible school, we work together with one single goal in mind --- to support, encourage and challenge our children to be the very best that they can be. But at Goldsboro, we are all a part of the learning community and, as such, we must continue our education along with the children. Parents, teachers and the community must join hands to show our boys and girls that we value learning.

  We invite you to join us on our educational journey. Become a part of the Goldsboro learning community! We are all fellow travelers and the Earth is our ship to the future!


Mrs. Mulholland, Principal 
Mrs. Houle, Assistant Principal  

Mrs. Benninghove, School Administration Manager