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Working diligently to provide our students with a safe and positive learning environment that prepares children for the careers of tomorrow.

Goldsboro's enhanced curriculum offers students unique experiences to help foster a deeper understanding of concepts that all Seminole County students are expected to master. A separate lab rotation schedule ensures that all students have the opportunity to participate in activities in the Bio-Science lab, Engineering lab, Computer Science lab and the Kids Space Center. These labs are designed to support the classroom curriculum using real to life application of standards that are being introduced in the classroom. In addition, special live digital conferencing events throughout the year lets students interact with experts and other classrooms across the country.

Regardless of where students are on campus during the day, learning and teaching centers around grade level Language Arts and Mathematics Florida Standards. With the move towards these standards, students are expected to provide evidence by using details and example to explain, support, and demonstrate their thinking, learning, and understanding. Technology skills are blended into the literacy standards to help students develop research and presentation skills.

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Magnet Program

Our academic program is designed to meet our students needs and to set high expectations for learning.

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SCPS Curriculum

Consisting of well-balanced curriculum, which focuses on high academic expectations, yet remains developmentally appropriate.

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Learn more about this personalized student instruction targeted to students’ unique areas of need and mobile apps to boost achievement.

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BEST STEM Colleges & Careers

Colleges & Universities prioritizing STEM education.

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