Monthly SAC Meeting
Tues. Feb.11 at  6 PM
Media center

Our Mission

The mission of Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School is to empower students to excel in a world of math, science, and technology through local and global collaboration in a nurturing and challenging environment.

Mrs. Mulholland
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Mrs. Houle 
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Assistant Principal

Mrs. Benninghove
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School Administration Manager (SAM)

School Advisory Committee -SAC

Seminole County Public Schools and Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School are committed to serving and supporting the diversity of our community. Parents and community members are invited to partner with us to ensure that each student, regardless of background, is challenged to their fullest potential and is provided a caring environment. SAC is comprised of parents, an administrator, and instructional and non-instructional personnel who meet during the evening once a month to discuss concerns and topics of academic interest, share information about current and upcoming events, and to come to consensus on how allocated funds will be spent on academic needs within the school. All parents are welcome to be a part of any meeting. However, only committee members are allowed to vote on issues.

Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School's  School Advisory Council (SAC) for the 2018-19 school year meets in the school media center at 6:00 pm the fourth Tuesday of each month.