Our Mission

The mission of Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School is to empower students to excel in a world of math, science, and technology through local and global collaboration in a nurturing and challenging environment.

Mr. Keaton Schreiner
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Mrs. Chris Mulholland 
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Assistant Principal

Mrs. Shannon Benninghove
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School Administration Manager (SAM)


Math is the universal language of numbers and how to use those numbers to make sense of our world. At Goldsboro Elementary teachers strongly believe that each child can learn to understand, justify strategies, and use the math needed to succeed.  The newly adopted Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) address the development of number sense through problem solving and making real–world connections. Parents and students have access to all core curricular online materials, games, videos and resources. In addition to the core curriculum, we offer an enhanced interactive math/science lab, the PRIMES advanced placement program, math intervention blocks, and tutoring before and after school.  Our curriculum specialist and coaches are also available for additional support.